• PopFig

    PopFig Photo Comics

    A few weeks ago my lovely wife Leslie suggested that I stop fretting about my work and health and go build an audience of people who love my photos. After I picked my jaw off the ground, I got right to work. With Leslie’s help, I pulled together a photo comic website called PopFig, and I’m launching it today.

    If you have enjoyed my photos in the past, PopFig will seem very familiar. Check it out.

  • Ask Me Anything!

    Screenshot of my Wiselike profile

    I would like to thank the nice people at Wiselike for featuring me on their AMA (ask me anything) website today. Wiselike is a fairly new service (still in beta), and I really appreciate the invitation to play in their sandbox. I answered many questions and had a ton of fun doing it.

    If you would like to see how things went or want to ask me a question yourself, visit my Wiselike profile.

  • Work! Work! Work!

    Photo of a cork board with various projects pinned onto it

    Over the past few weeks I have been building a new area for my website called “Work” where I list examples of some of the projects I’ve been fortunate enough to work on over the years.

    I hope “Work” will illustrate my various skills and expertise better than a simple résumé can.

  • The End of an Era

    Photo of one of my name badges at work

    Just a few weeks ago the office where I was employed for eight years was shut down. I can understand how and why it happened, and I’m not bitter or angry about it, but of course I miss toiling with all of my wonderful co-workers. Fortunately I was very lucky to work with some of the smartest, friendliest, and supportive people I have ever met in my life. I will never forget the good times we had and all of the lessons they taught me.

    Thank you, my friends! It was a good run.

  • The Super Alien Jet of July

    Evidently I’ve had flying and extra-terrestrials (and flying extra-terrestrials) on the brain for the past couple of weeks. I hope you enjoy these recent photos.

    Photo of several characters wearing jet packs

    The Jet Pack Pack

    Flying for us today The Rocketeer! Buzz Lightyear! Boba Fett! And Adam Strange!

    Photo of red, white, and blue superheroes

    Happy Fourth of July 2014!

    I hope everyone has a super day!

    Photo of Superboy and Krypto

    A Superboy and His Superdog

    I love these PVC figures of Superboy and Krypto, part of a Smallville collection from years ago.

    Photo of aliens wearing party hats

    Alien Life Of The Party

    These aliens don’t seem like such bad guys. Maybe they’re just misunderstood. This photo was inspired by the mad ravings of Chelsea Hostetter.

  • Dreaming of Rockets

    This week I posted two photos, one of a retro-designed Rocketeer action figure and the other of my puppy Justice asleep.

    Photo of the Rocketeer flying

    The Rocketeer Soars!

    I love the appearance of all of these classic characters in "retro" action figure form. It’s a great time to be a collector!

    Photo of Justice the dog asleep

    Puppy Dreams

    Shh! Can’t you see I’m being cute?!

  • From Disney to Zod

    I posted four photos this week with characters from Doctor Who, Winnie-the-Pooh, Tangled, and Superman II. And then there’s my dog Justice, who is also a character.

    Photo of Owl in front of the TARDIS


    Owl prepares to meet The Doctor.

    Photo of Freddy Krueger and Rapunzel

    Hair-Raising Nightmare

    Freddy Krueger meets Rapunzel.

    Photo of Justice the dog

    Patio Justice

    Justice guards the backyard.

    I Zod

    I Zod

    General Zod does not take garment orders. He gives them!

  • Young Justice: K9 Unit

    Photo of the puppy Justice

    Meet our newest family member! Join me in welcoming this Sheltie puppy named "Justice."

  • JD 2013

    Square video still

    In 2013 I recorded a short video of my everyday life almost daily. To avoid embarrassing those around me I mostly avoided capturing faces. Then I compiled of all of the short videos, keeping only one second for every day. The result is a video you can watch from start to finish in 365 seconds.

    I started the project a bit late, so the first few days of January are missing. And you will find a few more missing days here and there. Even so, you can get a good glimpse of the day-to-day events that helped shape my year. I hope you enjoy it.

    This video was created using the 1 Second Everyday iPhone app.

  • Family Christmas Tree Ornaments

    Over the years I have been fortunate to receive Christmas tree ornaments that once belonged to other members of our family. We honor these loved ones each year by hanging their ornaments on our Christmas tree.

    Photo of Nancy And Jerry apple ornaments

    Nancy and Jerry Apples

    In 1982 my mother created apple Christmas tree ornaments for each member of our family. These two were for my mother and father.

    Photo of Granny's pink ball ornament

    Granny’s Pink Ball

    This pink ball Christmas tree ornament belonged to my paternal grandmother Lometa Hancock.

    Photo of Memaw's little snowman ornament

    Memaw’s Little Snowman

    Many years ago my maternal grandmother Memaw White gave me permission to pluck this ornament off of her Christmas tree.

    I hope you and your loved ones are making some new and joyful memories together. Happy Holidays!

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