• My Shadow and Me

    Photo of Peter Pan and The Shadow

    Close-up of Peter Pan and The Shadow action figures. I imagine Peter Pan singing, “Me and my shadow, my shadow and me.”

  • Leftovers

    Photo of a monster coming out of a refridgerator

    I’m hungry. Let’s see what’s in the fridge!

    Thanks to my wife Leslie for letting me borrow her vintage toy fridge, and thanks to my friend Bob for letting me borrow his monster.

  • Little League Bat … Man

    Photo of a tiny Batman leaping over a baseball bat

    Batter-up! Tiny Batman leaps over the baseball bat I received from my parents on my third birthday.

  • Happy Easter 2015!

    Photo of an alien jumping out of an Easter egg

    Surprise! I hope you are having an eggs-cellent holiday!

  • Doc To The Doctor

    Back to the Future's Doc Brown meets the Doctor from Doctor Who

    It’s a Back to the Future and Doctor Who crossover: Doc Brown meets the Doctor, a time travelling pair o’ docs!

  • Indiana Jones and the Mountain of Rocks

    Photo of Indiana Jones standing in front of a mountain

    I’m experimenting with a new kind of backdrop.

  • Deathstroke and the Terminators

    Photo of Deathstroke and two Terminators

    This photo was inspired by Deathstroke’s other nickname, “The Terminator,” years before Arnold was a cyborg.

  • Not Sea-ing Eye to Eye

    Photo of Aquaman looking at Mermaid Man

    I think Aquaman might be upset at Mermaid Man for copying his costume.

  • Mega Golf

    Photo of golfers in a miniature city

    This photo was inspired by the people of Community Golf, who believe you can play golf even if you are urban-bound.

  • Failing Eyes

    Photo of an out-of-focus person

    “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”

    — Mark Twain

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JD Hancock