Family Christmas Tree Ornaments

Over the years I have been fortunate to receive Christmas tree ornaments that once belonged to other members of our family. We honor these loved ones each year by hanging their ornaments on our Christmas tree.

Photo of Nancy And Jerry apple ornaments

Nancy and Jerry Apples

In 1982 my mother created apple Christmas tree ornaments for each member of our family. These two were for my mother and father.

Photo of Granny's pink ball ornament

Granny’s Pink Ball

This pink ball Christmas tree ornament belonged to my paternal grandmother Lometa Hancock.

Photo of Memaw's little snowman ornament

Memaw’s Little Snowman

Many years ago my maternal grandmother Memaw White gave me permission to pluck this ornament off of her Christmas tree.

I hope you and your loved ones are making some new and joyful memories together. Happy Holidays!