The Super Alien Jet of July

Evidently I’ve had flying and extra-terrestrials (and flying extra-terrestrials) on the brain for the past couple of weeks. I hope you enjoy these recent photos.

Photo of several characters wearing jet packs

The Jet Pack Pack

Flying for us today The Rocketeer! Buzz Lightyear! Boba Fett! And Adam Strange!

Photo of red, white, and blue superheroes

Happy Fourth of July 2014!

I hope everyone has a super day!

Photo of Superboy and Krypto

A Superboy and His Superdog

I love these PVC figures of Superboy and Krypto, part of a Smallville collection from years ago.

Photo of aliens wearing party hats

Alien Life Of The Party

These aliens don’t seem like such bad guys. Maybe they’re just misunderstood. This photo was inspired by the mad ravings of Chelsea Hostetter.