Front-end web development

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The Challenge

Help create and maintain a custom-built informational website for Samsung called "Tech Life" as part of a small product development team at Demand Media.

Samsung Tech Life subdomain graphic

The Approach

Leverage the existing Demand Media proprietary web platform to create a website for Samsung. Closely match design. Provide frequent content updates.

Product Features
  • fully-hosted website
  • subdomain selected by partner
  • look-and-feel matching partner site
  • responsive design ready for desktop or mobile
  • ongoing optimization: SEO, load time, A/B testing
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Jinja2
  • Python (limited)
  • proprietary web platform
Success Criteria
  • complete partner requests promptly
  • evolve the website with new content and capabilities
  • maintain partner look-and-feel over time

The Process

Work with Samsung to design desired web pages. Develop, review, and test web pages. Deploy approved web pages to production.

Process: design, develop, deploy

The Results

Samsung was so pleased with Tech Life that it eventually became their de facto promotional website across all their product lines, and it was updated frequently with new content and new capabilities such as seasonal tips, infographics, quizzes, etc. Deadlines were always met. And as Samsung made design changes to, the Tech Life website was updated to match.

JD gained experience in web development

Tech Life Home Page

Samsung Tech Life home page

Tech Life Article

Samsung Tech Life article

Tech Life Infographic

Samsung Tech Life infographic

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