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The Challenge

Create an identity for a newly-formed organization supporting business-to-business ghostwriters. Create a website that includes a blog. Spread the branding across several social networks.

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The Approach

Collaborate to define the core attributes of the company brand. Determine the required characteristics of the logo and the website. Document the criteria for success.

Brand Attributes
  • knowledgeable
  • quality-focused
  • supportive
  • adaptable
  • approachable
  • likable
Project Requirements
  • logo must be scalable from small icon to large poster
  • logo must be easy to drop into almost any existing design without looking out-of-place
  • logo should be compatible with the color schemes of any social media network
  • website/blog should be easy for a non-technical person to add/edit/delete content
  • identity should be strong across website/blog and social networks
Success Criteria
  • reflects all brand attributes
  • meets all project requirements
  • is positively received by social networks

The Process

The first design was built around "business," "writing," and "quality-focused." The imagery suggests a necktie, a fountain pen, and a dollar sign, but the result seemed too generic. It was also too male-oriented and did not have a likability factor.

The second design emphasized "ghost" over "business." The necktie was replaced with a ghost, and the fountain pen was altered to look more ghost-like. After much discussion "likability" was chosen as the strongest brand attribute. A full-on ghost design could give the audience a persona to relate to.

The third and final design was a ghost named "Toby," a play on "B2B." He was more playful than the previous ghost but not overly-silly. The downward point of his torso was meant to subtly suggest the tip of a fountain pen in profile.

Evolution of Toby, the B2B Ghostwriting ghost

Squarespace was chosen as the platform for the website/blog because of its ease-of-use and native blog functionality.

The Results

Toby the B2B Ghostwriting ghost satisfies all of the success criteria. He reflects the desired brand attributes, particularly likability. He is versatile and scalable.

B2B Ghostwriting's Toby in a variety of situations

The final tests were to put Toby in a variety of situations to see how well he held up and to gauge audience reaction to him. His monochrome design helped him fit into different places well. And on social media sites he adopted the color scheme of the website, much as a ghostwriter must adopt the tone of someone else. Audiences responded positively to Toby, remarking how cute and friendly he looked.

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