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Logo redesign

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The Challenge

Redesign a logo for a web design and development shop that had gone on hiatus for over a decade and was looking for a comeback.

Old Atomic Moose web page

The Approach

Identify and document desired attributes of the company brand and required characteristics of the logo. Determine redesign's criteria for success.

Brand Attributes
  • professional
  • simple
  • bold
  • dependable
  • modern
  • serious (atomic) but fun (moose)
Logo Requirements
  • must be easy to see at any size
  • must be versatile, easily placed into almost any situation regardless of surrounding visuals, colors, etc.
  • should reflect "atomic" and "moose" either directly or abstractly
Success Criteria
  • reflects all brand attributes
  • meets all logo requirements
  • is original and unique in its market

The Process

The first design was a simplified version of the original logo, with the shape inspired by the orbits of electrons. However, it was not bold enough, and the "moose" looked more like a bull. Also, a two-color logo is not as versatile as a monochromatic one.

The second design was flatter, bolder, and monochromatic. Again, the shapes were inspired by an atom, this time with more moose than bull. The antlers were aligned with unseen concentric circles suggesting orbits. However, the little electron was too small.

Evolution of Atomic Moose logo

The third and final design was simply a refinement of the second. The little electron was pulled away from the nucleus and given more weight.

The Results

The redesigned logo satisfies all of the success criteria. It reflects each of the brand attributes of the company. The logo is versatile, scalable, and evokes both "atomic" and "moose." Finally, the new design is original and unique.

Final Atomic Moose logo

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