My Flickr Moment

Several weeks ago Yahoo! Studios invited me to come visit them in New York City and talk to them about my photography on Flickr. The result was a video entitled “Pop Culture Icons Like You’ve Never Seen Before,” posted to The Weekly Flickr and to the official Flickr Blog on Friday, June 7. The video showcases my toy photography, focusing on my love for geeky subjects including Star Wars, super-heroes, Ghostbusters, Star Trek, etc. It also includes several “behind-the-scenes” peeks revealing how I do what I do.

Pop Culture Icons Like You've Never Seen Before

Teaser from The Weekly Flickr

Yahoo! did a great job promoting my interview.

The Weekly Flickr

Introductory Graphic for The Weekly Flickr

Their standard opening for The Weekly Flickr is very photo-oriented.

JD Hancock, Tabletop Photographer

“This is my Flickr moment.”

Yahoo! has all of their interviewees say this line.

Little Dudes

Little Dudes

The video covers several Little Dudes photos.

Thunder Of Hooves

Thunder of Hooves

Yahoo! included arguably one of my silliest photos, Thor on My Little Pony Wisteria.

Four Storms and a Twister

Four Storms and a Twister

One of my more popular stormtrooper photos is Twister on the Death Star is also featured.

Berry Hard Work

Berry Hard Work

At the time of my video, this photo Little Dudes processing strawberries for eating was my most recent upload to Flickr.

A behind-the scenes view of my photo Berry Hard Work

Behind-the-Scenes of Berry Hard Work

The Weekly Flickr sometimes focuses on how photographers do their work.

Pretty Penny

Pretty Penny

The oversized coin in this photo pushes the perception of scale.

The Yahoo! Studios team was extremely friendly and professional, and the resulting video looks great. I feel very fortunate to have had this wonderful experience. The response to the video has been tremendous. Thank you to everyone who has watched it. I appreciate your interest in my silly corner of Flickr.

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