Accidental Collaboration

A few days ago a self-described “Presentation Maverick” named Eugene Cheng contacted me to say he had just posted a presentation inspired by some of my stormtrooper photos. Entitled “5 BIG tips to Become a Presentation Jedi,” I immediately checked it out.

First, I am always honored when someone includes one of my photos in their project. That Eugene effectively packed so many into one presentation blew me away.

Second, beyond Eugene’s well-adapted visuals, his presentation is bursting with great advice. If communicating ideas to others is any part of what you do, this is well worth reading.

Third, I am struck at what collaboration can look like today. Without doing anything, except licensing my photos through Creative Commons, I was able to help Eugene create this project. And in turn Eugene is sharing my photos with audiences that might never have seen them otherwise. This kind of time-shifted team-up is as great example of why I love the Internet.

Thank you, Eugene!