JD’s Super Social Media Roundup for Friday, June 17

Photo of scattered binder clips

Thanks to my friend Ed Steele for encouraging me to write about the social media stuff I find interesting … and also for coming up with the name of this post.

What Tools Do You Like?

Kohort — “the ultimate solution for groups” is a nice-looking tool for organizing group activities that’s currently in private beta.

Discovr Apps — is an iPhone app that helps you find more apps. Oh yeah!

Likester — is “the global popularity engine” that lets you see what your friends are “liking.”

Cage — a design collaboration tool that I logged into but didn’t get to play with much … yet.

Klout — “the standard for influence” (not really) has a new +K feature that allows you to give people points for areas of expertise. For example, you can see mine.

Bacon Ipsum — happily, is exactly what it sounds like and a good giggle.

Twenty Feet — a social media stats tool pulling in data from all your different networks.

What Else Was Awesome This Past Week?

  • I was happy to find my friends at Buffer (“Never flood your followers again”) and Refynr (“Unclutter your stream”) in a list of “10 new tools to make the most out of Twitter” on webdesigner depot.
  • XYDO pointed me to a great TechCrunch article about how Facebook is taking over the world.
  • I started following @TweetSmarter which posts a ton of great social networking news. You should check it out.
  • Jim Gaffigan continued to be hilarious, this week tweeting a lot about his overdue baby.
  • The story of how I became a cyborg was posted at an easy-to-remember address — jdcyb.org — for your convenience … and because I thought it was funny.
  • Green Lantern, a superhero with maybe the most powerful weapon in the galaxy, is now selling sandwiches for Subway. Oh wait, that wasn’t awesome. Never mind.
  • I laughed at @Peanutweeter, which “matches kinda random Twitter posts with somewhat less than random Peanuts® comic strips by Charles Schulz.”
  • “Weird Al” Yankovic @alyankovic tweeted like crazy about his new album Alpocalypse. Well, I would too!
  • Pew Research released an interesting study about how we are using social media.

What Will Be Awesome Next Week?

  • I will discover more amazing people via the social stock market game Empire Avenue.
  • Wordpress.com will continue to simultaneously impress and vex me.
  • Tumblr will not go down at all.

What Do You Think?

Did you find this post helpful? Should I do one every week?