Unstuck in Time

Photo of the time machine DeLorean

Welcome to my first post!

Most of the time I think people just type up something quickly for their first post so they can get back to playing with the new blogging toys. But I’m going to try to write something meaningful, because I think beginnings are important.

So let’s begin.

Why am I doing this?

For several years people have been telling me that I should be blogging.

“Why don’t you blog?” they’d ask.

“I don’t know what to blog about,” I’d reply.

It was true. I wanted to write a blog, but I was stuck with a huge case of writer’s block, and I didn’t know how to get unstuck.

And then over the past several weeks, a series of interesting events occurred which led me inevitably to this first post.

  1. I was diagnosed with sleep deprivation and took some time off work to recover.
  2. I turned to social media to keep my unfocused brain engaged.
  3. I met some amazing people online who were using the Internet to network and have fun better and faster than I’d ever seen before.
  4. I had long-time friends and colleagues comment on my increased online activity in a positive way.
  5. I listened to my wife Leslie’s wonderful ideas about how to tie the different aspects of my online life together.

What is it all about?

Put simply, this is all about you, me, and the Internet – past, present, and future!

  • It’s about how the Internet helped you find your way here and, I hope, how it will help you to develop a positive relationship with the author.
  • It’s about my own personal experiences online almost since there has been an “online” to have experiences on!
  • It’s about how the history of computers and the Internet led us to where we are now, and how I hope we will help shape the Internet’s future together.

Now I have a purpose. Now I know what I need to do. And I know I’ll need your help to do it right.

Are you ready to explore the online timestream with me?