JD’s Super Social Media Weekly Roundup for Monday, December 5

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What Tools Were Super This Past Week?

  • Flavors.me — is a service that builds you a well-designed homepage based on other services you use such as Twitter, Flickr, Wordpress, etc. They recently added several new, compelling, and free layouts. (example)
  • moviegr.am — is “a quick and easy way to find movies, watch trailers, and share with friends.” This is the cleanest design I’ve ever seen for a movie fan site.
  • Twitter’s 2011 Year in review — shows the people and trends of the past year.

What Else Was Super?

  • The United States Federal Trade Commission settled the issues around privacy with Facebook, including mandating regular privacy audits for the next 20 years.
  • The technology company Atos has instituted a “zero email” policy, banning company email in favor of instant messaging and social media. While I doubt this approach would work for all organizations, it’s certainly an interesting idea.
  • Facebook purchased the location-based service Gowalla. I hope this is good news for the Gowalla team. Like many former fans of the service I’ve felt their new direction this year was not the right direction. But, generally speaking, I support those who are exploring new ideas around location-based services.
  • Klout had another technical hiccup over the weekend resulting in scores significantly dropping for many people. This issue has since been resolved. This is not super for Klout, but it helps underscore my position on the service: it is at best a useful but imperfect tool.
  • As Klout scores were on shaky ground this weekend, I saw more buzz around three other reputation services: Peerindex, PROskore, and Kred.

What Super Stuff Happened To You?

  • My employer Demand Media launched an internal program encouraging employees to make better use of social media. I believe we will see more and more organizations embracing similar efforts.
  • I made a new and very simple background for my Twitter profile @JDHancock because the t.wist.it service that for years has posted my Flickr photos as my Twitter background suddenly stopped working properly. In your opinion, what makes a great Twitter background?
  • I gave Last.fm another look this past week, and the service is growing on me. I’m currently using Spotify to “feed” musical suggestions to Last.fm, a process known as “scrobbling.” Spotify is also posting the same songs in the Facebook ticker. I like the idea of several different services using the same information for slightly different purposes.
  • I continued moving to my new Google+ account and shutting down my old one. Circle me!

What Will Be Super Next Week?

  • You tell me!