JD’s Super Social Media Weekly Roundup for Monday, October 10

Photo of a generic person standing with other people

What Tools Were Super This Past Week?

  • GetComparisons — is a site that compares all kinds of stuff, like Tumblr vs. WordPress: “a Wikipedia for comparisons, but with the added functionality of feedback, blogs, forums & ratings.”
  • Commun.it — is a Twitter relationship management tool that I found immediately useful.
  • Google+ Social Statistics — tracks and generates statistics for over 75,000 users and pulls in hundreds of the most popular posts from Google+. (example)
  • Cliq — is a “social knowledge engine” that reveals your connections to businesses.

What Else Was Super?

  • Twitter said it has 1,600 advertisers.
  • Warner Bros. is launching an experimental live-action show called Aim High on Facebook that will incorporate you and your friends into select scenes.
  • Tumblr, from a pageview perspective, is now bigger than Wikipedia.
  • A study indicated that 91% of recruiters check social networks.

What Super Stuff Happened To You?

What Will Be Super Next Week?

  • You tell me!
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