JD’s Super Social Media Weekly Roundup for Monday, October 3

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What Tools Were Super This Past Week?

  • Diaspora — is the open source social network focused on privacy and personal control over your data, and while not a new service I saw increased interest in it over the past week. Want an invite? Send me your email address. (my profile)

What Else Was Super?

  • Tumblr raised another $85 million.
  • Nokia unveiled a Foursquare-enabled vending machine.
  • NASA invited 150 of its Twitter followers to the Mars Rover launch.
  • One study suggested that 31% of U.S. adults prefer to be reached by text message.

What Super Stuff Happened To You?

  • I continue to see a bit of backlash from friends on Facebook regarding recent Facebook changes: too complicated, too intrusive, etc. This may be what is fueling new interest in Diaspora.
  • The newly-redesigned LIVESTRONG.COM was launched, a website I played a small part in building.
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What Will Be Super Next Week?

  • You tell me!
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