JD’s Super Social Media Weekly Roundup for Monday, August 8

Photo of a group of generic people

What Tools Were Super This Past Week?

  • checkthis — is a minialistic and elegant web publishing service, “between nothing and a blog.” (example)
  • Subjot — is a new social network with a focus on following “subjects” as well as people. (example)
  • Vizualize.Me — “launches soon” its one-click resume visualizing service.
  • Photorank.me — scores photographers on their social networking prowess. (example)
  • Boxify.me — allows anyone to share public files with you quickly and easily. (example)
  • My Social Network by Western Union — gives you an across-the-globe view of your Facebook friends.

What Else Was Super?

  • I saw my 3,000th Twitter follower.
  • Klout added a YouTube connection and the ability to remove a topic from your profile.
  • I discovered the “My Name is Me” campaign, which advocates the freedom to be yourself (and known by any name you choose) on the Internet.
  • Freestyle Interactive shared a wonderful infographic depicting social networks as super-hero trading cards.
  • Flickr hit 6 billion photos uploaded. Facebook does that every two months.
  • Instagram hit 150 million photos uploaded (in roughly nine months).
  • LinkedIn added a PDF profile download feature.
  • Twitter announced that “Old Twitter” would be going away this week.
  • The Social List ranked me as 9,616th … whatever that means.
  • Everyone celebrated International Wi-Fi Day on 8.02.11, right?

What Will Be Super Next Week?

  • You tell me!