JD’s Super Social Media Weekly Roundup for Friday, July 1

Photo of a longhorn statue

What Tools Were Awesome This Past Week?

Google+ — is the search giant’s social networking service, rolled out in an invite-only testing phase.

Walking Down The Avenue — is a new book by Alan Jobe designed to guide Empire Avenue players to success.

flickrBomb — lets you use Flickr to autofill placeholder images in your prototypes.

Circle Hack — provides a user interface much like the circles in Google+ to create Facebook lists.

What Else Was Awesome?

  • Search Engine Land reported that Google rolled out behavior targeting to all AdWords advertisers.
  • The idea of using my Flickr photos as a screensaver got some Twitter love thanks to @getwired and @drhayes.
  • The Pope sent his first tweet.
  • I photographed many clouds.
  • Mashable shared how much data humans will create this year. Guess what? It’s a lot.
  • For the first time ever one of my photos appeared on an official United States government website.
  • CNN told us that a social networking utopia isn’t coming. Darn.
  • My Superman photo “Playing The Hero” — currently #1 on We Love Difference — got some love from my Facebook and Twitter friends. Thank you!

What Will Be Awesome Next Week?

  • Google will allow more people try out Google+.
  • My country will celebrate its birthday.
  • My mom will celebrate her birthday.
  • I will celebrate completing Portal 2.