JD’s Super Social Media Weekly Roundup for Friday, June 24

Photo of two stormtroopers operating a computer

What Tools Were Awesome This Past Week?

Anmish — allows you to create, send, and share funny animations and video parodies using their caricatures and your own voice.

Banjo — is an iOS and Android app that pulls together all your tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram pics into an interesting location-aware interface.

JibJab — the providers of hilarious customizable eCards aren’t new at all, but I did use them this week to wish my dad a Happy Father’s Day.

Twylah — a service that turns your Twitter stream into a blog-like experience (like this) added Power Tweets to their offering. The power tweets didn’t blow me away, but I’m encouraged that Twylah is continuing to evolve.

Empire Avenue — is the social media stock market game, but this week I used its reporting capabilities to create “my top retweeters” and “my top conversations” lists for Twitter.

Better Facebook — is a browser extension that significantly enhances your Facebook experience with a ton of extra features. I’m not sure it’s for me, but I can see it being very useful for many other people.

What Else Was Awesome?

What Will Be Awesome Next Week?

  • I will post more stormtrooper photos.
  • My company will provide me with more free food.
  • The world of Portal will grab my attention.